US-backed banker Lasso prevails in Ecuador’s election – a disaster for the people

The US-led hybrid war on Ecuador’s left has succeeded in electing right-wing banker Lasso. The left, meanwhile, remains a major political force in Ecuador and will resist the avalanche of attacks to come. But it will need all the international solidarity it can get as it struggles against political persecution, to defend ordinary people’s living standards, and to resist the offensive on basic democratic rights and sovereignty.

Lula speaks out against US intervention in Brazil and decries Bolsonaro’s subservience to Trump in new interview

In an exclusive interview with Brasil Wire and The Michael Brooks Show, former Brazilian President Lula da Silva has spoken out against the malign intervention of US imperialism in Brazil which has served to subvert the country’s democracy, independence and sovereignty. According to Lula “Brazil has given away its freedom and its independence and it salutes an American President… Brazil has regressed to the status of a colony.”

Brazil: How US intervention paved the way for Bolsonaro’s rise

Daniel Hunt, a founding editor of Brasil Wire addressed the launch meeting of the Brazil Solidarity Initiative. He powerfully summarised how the US has intervened to politically persecute the left and decapitate its leadership through the two coups against Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva. This US intervention has paved the way for a fascist to become the President of the world’s fifth most populous country. Building an immense movement of solidarity with the progressive people of Brazil is absolutely vital. Below is the full transcript of Daniel’s speech.